Choosing the right CV Template for you

CV Template

Deciding upon what type of CV to make can seem quite daunting at first, especially if it is the first time you have had to make one in your life. Not only must you consider what to write, how to structure it but also what template will be most appropriate for the type of job you are applying for. For example, a candidate looking to work in the arts will not have the same CV template structure as a candidate seeking to work in the banking industry. Making sure it meets your requirements is vital for any position application to be successful.


Criteria to determine appropriate Template

Most often, candidates writing their CV for the first time, can make use of a lot of information and help readily available on the internet. Students who will scour the internet for the best possible templates so that they can focus their attention on the content and make space and time for other requirements such as exams and hobbies will need to decipher what makes a great CV Template. First and foremost, a lot of websites offer all kinds of templates and CV’s that they claim are the best for you to use. A good website should focus solely on CV’s and be relatively up to date with current market trends in the workplace and always seeking to improve on their products. A candidate can scan for this by checking whether their front page makes any commentary on recent job recruitment news or impacts that may be felt by people applying due to economic factors and so on. Once you feel you have found a suitable and trustworthy website, choosing the appropriate template will be a difficult choice. A question one should ask themselves is what message do they want to convey of themselves to potential recruiters and if it in the role to be a bit original or follow the status quo.

Fine tuning the decision making process

The most common structure readily available is a white A4 size CV with three main paragraphs to explain your academic achievements, your work experience and your hobbies and interests. A more original concept may be to change the colour of the CV template to stand out or include a picture of yourself, giving the employer an immediate opportunity to see who you are and demonstrate your confidence in your capabilities. Furthermore you may decide the 3 paragraph structure is too common or that you have had not sufficient work experience yet for it to be noteworthy. This may result in 2 main paragraphs with a greater focus on precise achievements.