A Guide to Career Selection Opportunities in the UK

asbestos survey jobs

careerIf you are based in the UK and are coming up to your final year at school, your thoughts will already be turning to a chosen career path, and as technology continues to amaze, there are more demands in certain industrial sectors than others. Prior to laying out a plan for your further education, you really do need to have narrowed down a career, and with some careful thought on future trends, you should be able to pinpoint something that ticks all the boxes.

The Health and Hygiene Industry

Hygiene is something that we always require, and due to lack of knowledge, we used asbestos as a building material for a few decades, due to its excellent fire resistance properties, and there is a huge sector that is dedicated to sourcing and removing asbestos safely. For those who are interested, asbestos survey jobs are always in high demand, and if you are better than average with the core science subjects, the hygiene sector has much to offer the young person who is looking for a challenging and rewarding career that offers the potential for development.

Water Treatment / Legionella Demands

Professional people with a background in biology and chemistry are always in high demand, and this trend does not look like changing any time soon. Water treatment is required everywhere and with very strict government control over water storage and distribution, and with the ever present threat of Legionella contamination, analysts are in great demand. A science based bachelor degree course would equip you for this type of career, which in itself, holds many specialist positions, and water treatment as an industry is booming.

The Mystery Disease

Legionella disease was originally discovered in America in 1976, when two hundred people fell ill, with more than 30 fatalities. The reason for the name comes from the fact that the first group of people to contract the disease were members of The American Legion, which was an association of US military veterans, and the cause of the disease was quickly identified. Cooling towers are likely hosts for this bacteria to breed, along with swimming pools and domestic and commercial water supplies. Many young people are firmly set on a path to a successful career in legionnaire inspection and prevention, and with the ever increasing demand in the public sector, this is a very attractive career option for school leavers.

Search for Career Openings

Most people who are looking for the best positions will register with an established recruitment agency, one that specialises in their chosen field, and it is only by doing this that you get to view the many attractive positions on offer around the world. It costs nothing to register, and even If you are happy with your current position, you will have the option to change, should something ideal present itself.

The water treatment industry is one that has high human resource demands, and for many young British adults, it is their chosen field of work.