Dealing with the Uncertainty of Life


uncertaintyThe harsh truth is that life is unpredictable and uncertain. One can make all of the plans in the world only to see them vanquished by an accident, injury, or worse. This unpredictability causes a lot of anxiety in some people but the truth is that it is a fact of life that cannot be altered. Indeed, uncertainty seems to be an integral part of the human condition and living life in this universe.

A Story of Unpredictability

It is often said that we have more chance of being in a car accident than being hit by lightning and yet it is the major catastrophe that most of us tend to focus on, seeing other risks as far more pedestrian. But how does one deal with living in an uncertain world where all of one’s plans can be suddenly thrown out of the window due to one bad decision or one seemingly random accident?

The personal accident insurance you can get from Malaysia bank can help to assuage one’s fear about the uncertainty of life. While insurance may not prevent things from happening to us, it can, at the very least, make some of the more practical realities a lot easier to deal with.

For example, just imagine that you have your life sorted out. You have a new job in a company that you enjoy being a part of and you have just become engaged to your long-time partner. Things seem to be on the up and up and life couldn’t be much better. All of a sudden, things change when you are involved in a car accident as an innocent pedestrian.

You spend many months in hospital recovering from life-threatening injuries that have long-term consequences. Just as abruptly as the good life had started, it was turned upside-down as you had to deal with physical therapy due to serious injuries. This ongoing therapy is expensive and time-consuming; it is not even clear that you will walk without aid ever again.

How to Be Pragmatic About an Uncertain World

One can rail against the universe under these circumstances or be thankful that one took out a good accident insurance policy. Even though the insurance cannot prevent the accident from ever happening, it can help pay for hospitalisation and treatment and can even provide some financial relief during a time when going to work was not possible.

The good news is that insurance provides financial relief during difficult times. Just when we are not sure about our futures and whether life will ever be the same again, a good insurance policy can help us to recover in dark and dismal times.