Top 5 Best-Paying Careers in Agriculture

Agriculture field has advanced in so many ways that numerous opportunities have sprouted over time, giving young people plenty of options to pick from. Agriculture faces a labor shortage, because there aren’t enough qualified graduates to fill the vacancies, the biggest struggle for the horticultural sectors it finding new workers year after year.

The idea of studying or working in agriculture is still un-familiar to a big percentage of people, the idea of agriculture is related to the role of waiting the crops to grow, but that’s totally not true. Actually agriculture careers can pay a very good amount of money and good solid experience gain as well.

Due to the labor shortage of agriculture jobs, it’s in high-demand and they’re willing to pay you great numbers as well .

Here are the top 5 most in-demand and highest-paying agriculture careers:

  1. Agricultural Lawyer

Being an agricultural lawyer means you’ll be responsible for mitigating disputes on certain lands while being sure that all the government regulations are officially adhered to. Agricultural lawyers need to deal with both government regulations and sometime with agricultural infrastructure as well for some critical cases which can also require dealing with insurance and intellectual property. It doesn’t stop here; they also handle some cases which involves labor laws, proper land use and environmental protection. This role might be stressful, but in return they accomplish quite well.

  • If you’re interested in fighting for the environments and people’s rights, then this could be a great job which perfectly suits you.
  • You can easily apply online for a an agricultural lawyer job position , by surfing famous online job websites like Joblang and submit your resume for the job position which suits your requirements and qualifications .
  • The average annual salary can reach up to 120,000$.
  1. Biochemist

Biochemist role is an interesting job. They are responsible for studying and analyzing different living organisms in order to find new ways to improve and develop human lives. The biochemist of agriculture role involves developing new crops which are more resistant against natural elements like storms, drought all the way to insect infestations. Their work is being even more crucial and in demand because of the unpredictable effects of the climate change and the rapidly developing global warming.

  • If you’re interested in insuring that future generations enjoy every crop naturally and consume it safely then you need to think about occupying this job role.
  • The average annual salary starts from 80,000$.
  1. Agricultural Engineer

Being an agricultural engineer requires a passion for machines which helps humans. This job role is responsible for designing agricultural equipment and machinery, and they also have to test the machine to ensure they operate perfectly and follow the government regulations. It sound fun doesn’t it? Well, it’s exciting but it’s stressful as well, and takes a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders as most manufacturers require their help which can expand to overtime working hours and sometimes they operate on weekends.

  • Agricultural engineers require a good amount of passion plus strong solid skills.
  • If you’re passionate about machines building and own the required skills and qualifications then you should start enrolling in this field, you can easily search for a suitable job position ear you or even abroad by visiting secured online jobs websites like Jobalng and apply online.
  • The average annual salaries can reach up to 80,000$.
  1. Food Scientist

Being a food scientist is a highly respected job position. This job role is the one responsible for creating the nutritional information and pint them on different food goodies like chips and crackers. They don’t only count calories, but they also gather information in order to ensure safety and decide how long the processed item should be preserved. Food scientists’ work with other scientists from different fields to ensure the agricultural sector is 100% safe for consumption.

  • This job role is perfectly suitable for people who are curios in knowing what exactly they’re putting in their human bodies.
  • The average annual salary is 72,000$.
  1. Agronomy Sales manager

Agronomy Sales manager is the main drivers of the agricultural industry. They are a skilled professional team which trains a qualified team who will travel the world to different countries and places to educate and train farmers on how to care for their crops and lands properly. The other role they’re responsible for is to promote and sell their products like seeds, fertilizers and soil for farmers. As any other sales managers, they need town a great talent of selling skills and professionally persuade on making their deal the winner deal.

  • If you’ve got killer selling skills, do not hesitate to join this industry, you’ll certainly be a deal winner if so.
  • You can easily apply for Agronomy sales managers job position through huge online jobs websites like and apply your resume to the job position which perfectly fits your personality, qualifications and skills.
  • The average annual salary is 75,000$.

As we mentioned above, Agriculture field is having a labor shortage in many fields, which is an extra point for you if you’re thinking to join this field, because as we know, the more shortage they have the more money they’ll pay. Agriculture field is interesting and will absolutely boost up your experience list in your resume. Giving the society spectacular accomplishments will make you much more satisfied about your work and achievements, work on being special not just a working machine. Such fields are considered lifesaving and a big time planet earth lover.


Choosing the right CV Template for you

Deciding upon what type of CV to make can seem quite daunting at first, especially if it is the first time you have had to make one in your life. Not only must you consider what to write, how to structure it but also what template will be most appropriate for the type of job you are applying for. For example, a candidate looking to work in the arts will not have the same CV template structure as a candidate seeking to work in the banking industry. Making sure it meets your requirements is vital for any position application to be successful.

Criteria to determine appropriate Template

Most often, candidates writing their CV for the first time, can make use of a lot of information and help readily available on the internet. Students who will scour the internet for the best possible templates so that they can focus their attention on the content and make space and time for other requirements such as exams and hobbies will need to decipher what makes a great CV Template. First and foremost, a lot of websites offer all kinds of templates and CV’s that they claim are the best for you to use. A good website should focus solely on CV’s and be relatively up to date with current market trends in the workplace and always seeking to improve on their products. A candidate can scan for this by checking whether their front page makes any commentary on recent job recruitment news or impacts that may be felt by people applying due to economic factors and so on. Once you feel you have found a suitable and trustworthy website, choosing the appropriate template will be a difficult choice. A question one should ask themselves is what message do they want to convey of themselves to potential recruiters and if it in the role to be a bit original or follow the status quo.

Fine tuning the decision making process

The most common structure readily available is a white A4 size CV with three main paragraphs to explain your academic achievements, your work experience and your hobbies and interests. A more original concept may be to change the colour of the CV template to stand out or include a picture of yourself, giving the employer an immediate opportunity to see who you are and demonstrate your confidence in your capabilities. Furthermore you may decide the 3 paragraph structure is too common or that you have had not sufficient work experience yet for it to be noteworthy. This may result in 2 main paragraphs with a greater focus on precise achievements.


A Guide to Career Selection Opportunities in the UK

If you are based in the UK and are coming up to your final year at school, your thoughts will already be turning to a chosen career path, and as technology continues to amaze, there are more demands in certain industrial sectors than others. Prior to laying out a plan for your further education, you really do need to have narrowed down a career, and with some careful thought on future trends, you should be able to pinpoint something that ticks all the boxes.

The Health and Hygiene Industry

Hygiene is something that we always require, and due to lack of knowledge, we used asbestos as a building material for a few decades, due to its excellent fire resistance properties, and there is a huge sector that is dedicated to sourcing and removing asbestos safely. For those who are interested, asbestos survey jobs are always in high demand, and if you are better than average with the core science subjects, the hygiene sector has much to offer the young person who is looking for a challenging and rewarding career that offers the potential for development.

Water Treatment / Legionella Demands

Professional people with a background in biology and chemistry are always in high demand, and this trend does not look like changing any time soon. Water treatment is required everywhere and with very strict government control over water storage and distribution, and with the ever present threat of Legionella contamination, analysts are in great demand. A science based bachelor degree course would equip you for this type of career, which in itself, holds many specialist positions, and water treatment as an industry is booming.

The Mystery Disease

Legionella disease was originally discovered in America in 1976, when two hundred people fell ill, with more than 30 fatalities. The reason for the name comes from the fact that the first group of people to contract the disease were members of The American Legion, which was an association of US military veterans, and the cause of the disease was quickly identified. Cooling towers are likely hosts for this bacteria to breed, along with swimming pools and domestic and commercial water supplies. Many young people are firmly set on a path to a successful career in legionnaire inspection and prevention, and with the ever increasing demand in the public sector, this is a very attractive career option for school leavers.

Search for Career Openings

Most people who are looking for the best positions will register with an established recruitment agency, one that specialises in their chosen field, and it is only by doing this that you get to view the many attractive positions on offer around the world. It costs nothing to register, and even If you are happy with your current position, you will have the option to change, should something ideal present itself.

The water treatment industry is one that has high human resource demands, and for many young British adults, it is their chosen field of work.


Financial Management Training: Enhancing Skills, Increasing Opportunities

If all or part of your responsibility within the company is associated with managing the finances of the organisation, you’ll certainly benefit from the continued development of your skills. After all, the proverbial “bottom line” of any commercial endeavour is, well, the bottom line. Your associates may create and manufacture the finest product or develop a service that is in high demand but if the revenue and expenses are not managed properly, there is little chance for long-term success.

What can you do to make sure that your contribution, your input, is not only valued by others but is also a key part of overall success? You might start by devoting time to a financial management course that will give you access to experienced trainers who bring relevant knowledge to the gathering with the goal of helping you succeed. The general idea is, of course, to help you, a professional, develop your management skills, no matter which sector you work in. You can find a program for areas as specific as the oil-and-gas production industry or the banking field.

Fine Tune

You’ll benefit from courses rich in content and presented in a clear, precise manner perfected over many years. Trainers and instructors bring their real-world experience to the classroom, delivering valuable information and techniques that you can put into action immediately. For example, if your primary responsibility is in preparing financial reports and budget documents, you may want to participate in a one-week course that improves your financial management skills within the department or organisation.

Executives, managers, and investors will benefit from extended training in analysis, a key to making sound judgements on the financial direction of your company. It’s also possible to improve your decision-making skills with a focus on corporate finance and strategic planning. With the right training, you can also become more knowledgeable and more effective in preventing financial crime. Skills in this sector of the corporate world are even more important as auditing and financial reporting becomes increasingly digitised.

Global Stage

As more companies begin to act on the global stage, it becomes essential to have people in the organisation who can ensure that the reports and budget documents meet international standards of financial reporting. These skills can be applied to both the private industry sector and to the public sector, which could provide opportunities in both arenas.

Speaking of auditing, you may also want to look more closely at courses focusing on internal auditing. You can enhance your current skills and then develop advanced methods to ensure financial compliance. You may even grow beyond this hands-on level with added training that puts you in an advisory role where you can assist the organisation with strategic planning and decisions. Financial management training – a great idea.