Importance of Automation in Business


Computers that we saw today is completely different from its initial development. One of the initial models of the computer was of the size that can come in small trucks with attaches more than 2000 electric valves. The current model of computer that we see today is small enough that can be taken in the pocket with intricately contain some parts and wires. The basic components of the computer remain same in each model. However, its sizes are varied from time to time and it became easier to carry than ever before. In addition to this, the computer is described as an apparatus that useful for performing multiple tasks at a time. This can perform various tasks that range from simple calculations to do the more complicated tasks each day. These computer devices are capable of resolving technical business problems. Technology has developed over time which results in business automation that transforms traditional business practices to a digital one. This has supported business to gain competitive advantage and sustain its position in competitive environment. The basic elements of the computers remain same, however, each component of the computer help for performing a business task that includes basic functioning of computer including storing, saving, retrieving, presenting and accessing business information.

Operational automation in business brings more opportunity for the business that results in higher productivity, availability of resources, validity, performance improvement and controlling in operational cost for the company. Through business automation, return on investment can be increased and result in business growth. The returns for business automation is greater than any other activity, but there is a certain limitation which needs to be overcome in the business.  The main operations of the company are divided into people and cost. However, acquisition of computers parts from the whole seller helpful for controlling cost.  From the automation, the key advantage that the company can take is the reliability and availability. These two factors are convincing business arguments to proceed the automation and justify these projects with the moderate financing. However, with the advancement of projects, it needs to justify the project with additional factor cost. The company that implements automation can be a review as positive from the operational parts of the business that generate results in its bottom line. However, cost saving is not the essential reason for automation of business. The main purpose of this is to improve business quality of operations or services that it provides. With improvement of service quality due to implementation of automation the cost of operational activities reduces to significantly lower level.

 Development of business automation solutions are considered as successful, but it is comparatively costly for the business to developed an internal business system then outsourcing the services. Developing internal automation system is expensive and tend to have low priority for business. This is the reason that business internally developed automation system for attaining success in the business.