Why SoComm Is Perfect For You


SoComm (socialized commerce) or LoComm (loyalty commerce) refers to empowering customers through rewards systems and points. Buying for less and get more saving that is more favorable to them. Its a combination of two of the most used and very popular concept like e-commerce and affiliate marketing. E-Commerce in a sense that one needs to sign up, be a member to shop in the store, and affiliate marketing in a sense that a member can share various goods, drive traffic and earn.


Socialized commerce is nothing new, but it’s definitely applied loosely or not by various companies. Trunited.com is one of the sites that truly embraced it knowing that it’s a good concept to stick with. Think about it, they attract customers through their rewards that are not offered in department stores, and they offer affiliate marketing options that empower their members to earn more than what they bought. There’s a reason why the concept worked successfully and those reasons can be found below.

No need for sales training: When companies hire sales professionals, they need to train them. Train them on how to maneuver to the site, know the updates, promotions and the various products and services and not to mention train them for customer service and how to actually sell products. With socialized commerce that has adapted affiliate marketing, a company doesn’t have to, because they have very willing volunteers to do it for them for rewards. This means lesser people to manage, train and pay.

Everyone is social media experts: Social media is very popular and the fact that everyone even a 5-year-old and a 90 years old grandma can maneuver in social media platforms with ease, that it’s even safe to say that everyone is a social media expert. With that in mind, there’s no training involved on how to post, share, like and do other functions. Basically, those are what affiliate marketing does, in a nutshell, to drive traffic and generate sales. Pretty easy right?

Rewards have endless potential: The best part about socialized commerce is that anyone will have endless earning potentials. It all boils down on how diligent and aggressive you are in doing it. If you do it well you’ll be handsomely be rewarded, empowering you to get more rewards that are far greater than what you have originally used to purchase the goods. If you love that earnings on the side without hardcore selling, then you should definitely try it.

Socialized commerce is a different way of approaching commerce since it’s consuming and earning at the same time. Utilizing the revolutionary convenience of e-commerce and effortless selling of affiliate marketing through the use of social media. It paved the way to the empowering customer to consume and earn easily at the same time. If you like what you read, then you should definitely try it out. It has some good potential and while it’s still underrated its best that you get your head in it now than later.