School Trips: Who Needs a DBS Check?

DBS Check

Throughout the academic year, most schools have various trips scheduled that involve all kinds of planning and preparation. Aside from arranging transport, tickets and where to go, schools must also organise teachers, volunteers and parents to help out on the day. Keeping children safe and secure in an academic setting, also extends to school trips. With this information in mind, you may be thinking about DBS checks. If you need to do a DBS check online in Coalville, there are some organisations who can help.

Needs a DBS Check

Adults Working in a School

If a school has arranged a trip at the beginning of or during the semester, it is highly unlikely no members of the teaching staff won’t attend. There will almost certainly be teachers or teaching assistants on the trip.

If these people are working in the school and engaging in regular activity with the students, they should have already been vetted for with an enhanced DBS check among other things. They shouldn’t need to be checked before a school trip during the semester. But what about parents and other volunteers?

Parents & Volunteers

To determine their suitability for a DBS check, many things must be taken into consideration, such as:

  • The responsibilities they will have on the trip.
  • The type of trip the school has arranged.
  • Will they have unsupervised contact with students?
  • Is it a one-day trip or will they stay overnight?
  • Will they be driving a vehicle with only children?

When thinking about a DBS check for volunteers and parents, you must first evaluate their role.