How to Make a Trendy CV?

trendy cv

For a recruiter, a CV must reflect a personality, a potential. The design, the choice of colors and the structure say a lot about the candidate. Updating the content of your CV is a good idea, but updating the style is just as necessary. Expectations evolve even in terms of resume, and being aware of current developments in the world around us is a way of scoring points when looking for a job in a specific field or when you want to reconvert in a now job sector. You will find here the best tips for making a trendy and modern curriculum vitae.

Use an Online CV Maker

For any job search network, a good resume is always a readable one. We recommend you to go to an online cv maker and choose a simple and minimalist CV template. It must offer better readability by going straight to the point. The CV model should not hide your skills and experiences behind the useless devices. The document must be both simple and trendy, with a plain design which announces the color of a modern candidate who knows how to get to the point. The most popular models are those that combine simplicity and efficiency.

What are the Current Trends in Making a CV?

Choose the right colors. It is now common practice to lighten the CV by adding a color (no more) to the usual black. You must choose it wisely because it should highlight the important sections, and possibly the title of your CV, dates, etc. The color can be declined in lighter or darker, on banners, logos, pictograms.

A layout with two columns is also in tune with the times. It allows to put in a narrower left column the profile and skills, and in the right column the experience and the course. The reader’s eye can thus extract information very quickly.

Logos and pictograms are also modern. We are using more and more logos from social networks, school, university or company, or pictograms evoking your hobbies, your passions. However, avoid overloading with visuals who would evoke nothing and would only be there to decorate.

Space and fluidity are both important. This is the main merit of a beautiful design. The influence of CV 2.0 has caused the rise of online resumes. It is clearly rubbing off on paper CVs. If you have not created one yet, now is the time to get started.