Brazilian Work Etiquettes, Atire And Work Culture

Group of Multi Ethnic Corporate People having a Business Meeting

Business in Brazil is done in a different way. Usually Brazilian professionals are well dressed and a take a lot of pride in grooming. The meetings are mostly done in an informal manner as compared to the US and timings and the structure are much more fluid. Its not a bad deal if you get stuck somewhere and arrive late and interrupt the meeting. Generally they try to prove that their associate got late because he must have been with client making sure the client had all doubts cleared. Also if another associate interrupts it means he is having some point to say. So generally when you do business with Brazilian people, they give more importance to you than you company you are representing. They give lot of importance to relationships. So, when dealing with this, try to make the bond stronger rather than focusing on discussing business. Let them get comfortable and be confident about you and let them bring up the business proposal. Hire a translator when dealing with them if you do not know Portuguese. And the most important, always deliver the big news face to face. And if you plan to gift something, avoid purple color, even if it be flowers as purple is associated with the color of mourning.


Clothing is very important for Brazilians. What you wear reflects on your personality. Brazilian women always dress up sexy in all situations. So over formal and conservative attire should be avoided by foreign women who come for starting business with Brazilian people. Well polished shoes, manicured hands, stylish and up-to-date dressing style is expected. Men always wear dark suits, shirts and ties in conservative meetings. In Brazilian business attire language executives wear a three piece suit and office workers wear two piece attire. Women always dress in feminine attires and avoid pants and shirts to look like men.


In Brazil, the ability of your personality determines your business success. Relationships are more important to them than any business document. Meetings are always held in some informal setting. They spend in a lot of time getting to know the person and company and do not jump into business. They believe in straight forward business – very little can be done with them through phone, email or fax. They give importance to the person and not money. Brazilian will expect some hype in the starting point and then try to prove their point, trying for a lot of concession. Presentations expected are neat crisp and to the point without making them boring. It’s always better to document the entire agreement have things done professionally at every step. A Brazilian contact will always be great step in the success of our company. They also give good importance to the housing and lodging of guests. Always make prior appointments as they do not like sudden drop ins for any meetings. The give a lot of importance to family and culture and do not do business on holidays and festivals. Brazilians are passionate and expressive people so be prepared to be interrupted. Also its very common for them to appear ten to fifteen minutes late for any meetings. Even if you’re on time, be ready to wait for your counterparts.