The Best Ways to Protect Your Company Email


1508177989902If you are running a business, you have to be on the internet. In the past, an internet presence might have been optional. Now, it is absolutely essential. You have to have a robust internet presence that includes a website, email, and social media. Oftentimes, your social media and your website can route right to your email. That creates a very localised and centralised way to deal with a lot of your business responsibilities. However, it also means that you will not be able to recognise every email that comes to you. Some of them will have obscure names, unknown handles, and things you don’t recognise. To deal with those, you will need to have a way to filter out spam in an automated way.

What Is Spam?

Spam is automatically generated email that is disseminated widely. Typically, spam has a few different goals depending on who sent it and to whom it is sent. The most common spam that is sent to businesses is phishing emails. A phishing email is one that is sent to a business in order to get them to reveal sensitive information. The emails will look like emails from your bank, from your internet service provider, from a utility company, or even from a customer. They’ll ask you to log in or to “confirm” your information. When you do that, you will be giving your information to a malicious actor. That person will then use it to damage your business, steal your money, and perform other harmful acts. Mailcleaner can protect you from that.

Spam Protection

Spam protection tends to come in the form of an automated system that scans emails that come to your email address before they get to you. You should not trust the spam scanner that comes with your email software; you need to buy one dedicated to the task. These dedicated clients will scan your emails based on known malicious actors as well as signs that indicate that something might be spam. These signs are constantly being updated with information downloaded online. As more and more is known about current spam expeditions, your client will be updated. There is so much for a client to learn about spam each day, and this is why you need a dedicated client—so that it can be constantly monitored and updated.


The heart of spam protection is the updates. They help you adapt very quickly to different types of spam and different kinds of scams. For example, if someone in Leipzig falls prey to some kind of new phishing email, it will instantly be added to the database of malicious emails. Therefore, everyone who can tap into that database from Leipzig to London will be protected from that email in the future. In addition, the participants are able to report suspicious emails so that they can also be added to the list.