The Benefits of Shipping with Pallets

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If you own, run or are responsible for the logistics operations of any business or company, you will know just how important it is to get the shipping and delivery process right. Well managed inbound and outbound deliveries are critical to the success of any company that moves a large amount of stock, with the traditional delivery pallet being a large component of that process.

If your business is getting to the stage where you need to look at upsizing your logistics, read on to find out why the delivery pallet is the tool of choice for many.

Why Palletise?

If you’ve ever had to move a large number of boxes from one location to another, you will know just how labour intensive and time consuming it can be. The average box is just about the right size and weight for a human to carry which also means that moving individual boxes with machinery is virtually impossible.

The fundamental reason for choosing to ship with pallets is that you can load them up with as many boxes that will fit. Rather than moving one box at a time, you’re now moving 50 boxes at a time – giving you the ability to move large quantities with ease, whether that be around the floor of your warehouse or onto and off the back of lorries or shipping containers.

Reduced Risk

The legislation surrounding manual handling is extensive. Several training courses are required which teach operatives the ins and outs of lifting safely to prevent injury, and with good reason as workplace injuries are the number one reason for time off work.

Palletising will;

  • Reduce the amount of manual handling and lifting required to prepare large orders of goods.

  • Reduce the likelihood of inventory being damaged whilst loading and in transit due to it being safely shrink wrapped on a pallet.

Streamline Your Supply Chain

The use of delivery pallets is also going to make your operation much more efficient. You’re only able to sell as much goods as you can receive, package and ship in a set amount of time. Reducing this turnaround time is the key to increasing turnover and improving efficiency.

  • Delivery vehicles can be loaded and unloaded much more quickly.
  • Loading bays will be occupied for less time, allowing the next delivery to be unloaded.
  • Reduced risk of perishable goods being spoilt due to sitting in the back of lorries without refrigeration units running.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Your customers, especially smaller businesses, will be much happier with receiving a series of well wrapped pallets that they can easily handle. Most will have a trained forklift operator to hand, making the receival of your deliveries much smoother. The only thing left for you to do is obtain a courier quote. Several courier companies within the UK are able to supply businesses and individuals with pallets as well as facilitate the shipping process.

The next time you’re completing a large order, get in touch with a pallet company and request a quotation. You’ll be surprised at just how easy the process is.