Methods to Find Servers Locations with WHOIS Database and Traceroute


WHOIS Database Services for Finding Locations

The best service for finding servers is one where you can look up the IP that you have seen, check where the traffic is coming from, and pinpoint the location of people who have been on your network. This is important if you have any questions about who owns a certain website, or you could find the servers of the people who are trying to hack your site. You can use the WHOIS database to do this work, and you can get a traceroute on the IP that you have found. You cannot function as a business if you cannot find server locations, and this is a simple way to expand your horizons.

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1. Why Do You Need The WHOIS Database?

You need the database if you are trying to make simple choices for your company that will include checking up on servers your company has encountered. You can use the traceroute to find the location of the people that have tried to hack your site, or you can learn about the people who have come to your site looking for information. There are a lot of people who can be traced using this basic service, and you will find where their servers are located.

2. You Get Realtime Information

You get realtime information from the server, and the server tells you precisely where it is located. You can see new servers appear on the page, and you will see servers fall off the page if they are taken offline. Someone who is trying to get information about a hacking attempt that just occurred needs to see where that server was located so that they can pass that information on to someone who can help. You can share this information, or you can screenshot the page.

3. Hacking Evidence

You can find server locations fairly easily because you need to know who was trying to get into your site. You might find that someone has signed up for your site because they want to learn about your site, and you should figure out who they are affiliated with. Getting their server location will tell you a lot, and it will help you decide what you will do next. Most people who have problems with competitors need to know which competitor it is before they decide what to do.

4. All Online

You can do this all online without any trouble. The site is always up, and you can get a new result simply by refreshing the page. This is a simple service to use, and it is much easier for you to share it with others because they do not need any technical experience to use it.

Have better Understanding of your Audience by Using WHOIS

There are many people who will find that they can completely change the way that they are managing their websites by checking IP addresses and server locations of their visitors. You might find you have a new audience to cater to, or you could have hackers on your site who are looking for information.