How the Latest in Enterprise and Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses

Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses

Once upon a time not so long ago, it was only rich corporations that could afford the latest in technology. The good news is that modern computing has advanced now to the point that mobile computing, fast broadband, and affordable cloud computing have converged to revolutionise the way that even smaller businesses engage in daily operations.

Catching up with Big Business

For many years, the biggest challenges for growing smaller businesses was how to scale their IT infrastructures in a way that was affordable and efficient. Without the budget to employ an in-house IT team, many smaller businesses were stuck on the edge of the latest technology or simply dipping their toes into the waters and never quite committing because the costs were simply too high.

All of this has changed now. Affordable mobile computing, efficient applications, developments in enterprise-grade cloud technology, and super-fast broadband and Wi-Fi have created a business environment where even the smallest of business concerns can take advantage of new technologies.

More Efficiency and Mobility

Doing business in the cloud and conducting daily tasks in collaboration with others has never been easier. Just imagine an entire team of employees who can quite literally work from anywhere by using their mobile devices and a connection to the business cloud. Applications such as Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise can make this happen and tie everything together.

Such an application offers the following features and benefits:

  • Collaboration: How many times would it have been useful to be able to easily collaborate in real time on a project at work? A cloud-based workflow that is united by an enterprise-grade application can make this happen. Editing documents, creating charts, analysing spreadsheets, and communicating with colleagues has never been easier. By enshrining data and applications in a shared cloud environment that employees have access to remotely, work can literally be done from anywhere in real This saves time and gets the job done faster.
  • Mobility: The big buzzword in today’s IT-rich business environment is mobility. When employees can work from home or anywhere else, during or after business hours, everything is more flexible and versatile. This is great for employees who need time off to look after the kids but still need to get some work done.
  • Productivity: It is crucial that all businesses remain competitive in today’s globalised economic environment. When a cloud-based workflow is united under a single application, all functions are tied together and easy to access. This increases productivity and drives the company forward.

The fact is that smaller businesses can now compete with bigger businesses through the careful implementation and use of cloud technology. When everyone can access data, work remotely, and collaborate in real time, the entire business benefits.