Best Audit Companies for Importers


Audit Companies

The importers need professional services from a trusted audit firm. This will ensure financial gain, quality products and gain more customers. There are various types of audits. You have to carry with your manufacturer. It is not advisable to hire a product inspection company separately and a pre-shipment inspection company separately. It is advisable to hire an audit company, who do full audit services like the KRT Audit. This will save your money on audit services. Here, we have discussed the important types of audit. An importer must hire a third-party audit company and do it in a professional way.

Basic Factory Audit

The basic factory audit is essential to know about the factory status. This will check about their business license and ownership. They also check their bank to know about their creditworthiness. They also see the factory is following the best practice in industrial compliances. You can even check statutory compliances to see the factory workers do not indulge in the strike.

Complete Factory Audit

The complete factory audit (CFA) is the best for an importer, who is looking for a long-term trade. This is because; you must not come under any trouble in the feature. This will check for all aspects of the factory from labor, statutory, ownership, and business license and production process. However, this will be priced higher than the basic factory audit. Nevertheless, when you book the reputed audit agencies, they give some discounts and offers. You can find them online by searching for top 10 auditing firms. You must hire the service from most rated and ranked audit company. They do a complete factory audit irrespective of factory size and units segregated in different locations. They give proper CFA report, and you can rely on them.

Product Inspection

After conducting a CFA, the importer must do first and final product inspection. This will ensure to receive your ordered goods in good condition and with quality. Little money spent on product inspection with your manufacturer will not go waste. This is because; a finished product is made of many raw materials. The first product must be the same what you have agreed with your manufacturer. They will give the product inspection report, which you can relay and ask your manufacturer to produce the ordered quantity. You can finally do a random inspection after the complete production is over.  

Packing and Shipment Inspection

After production, your goods will be shipped and sent. Pre-shipment inspection is necessary to see its packing, labeling, quantity, and documentation. This will make sure what you shipped will receive at your end in the right quantity and without any damages.

The best audit firm will do the above-mentioned audit services. They are most affordable when you hire them for a long-term contract. You can check KRT Audit ( online and consult. The importers can book them online or by a phone call. They never charge you extra after your fixing them to conduct CFA. They are affordable when compared to others in the relevant field.