Affiliate Programs of Forex Brokers


The topic of earnings on forex affiliate programs and to this day has not lost its relevance. Interest in the income opportunities in the financial markets without the risk and investments by participating in affiliate programs is not weakened, and growing every day.

Most brokerage companies and dealing centers to increase the number of customers, invite everyone to participate in their affiliate programs and are willing to share a large enough part of the profits with their partners.

In this connection, potential partners have questions: “Is it possible to make money on affiliate programs Forex and what constitutes Partner earnings?”, “What types of affiliate programs offer Forex brokers?”, “What advertising tools is best to use?”, “Why to begin?”…

Is it possible to make money on affiliate programs Forex brokers?

Earnings in the Forex affiliate ( can become not only an additional increase in their basic salary, but also greatly exceed it.

If you are a webmaster, blogger, owner of the group in the social network or just an active user of the Internet you have every chance to make money on affiliate programs Forex brokers.

On the Internet you can find information about the specific earnings of some partners. After analyzing the data, we can roughly be called the amount of potential earnings with a small level of activity Partner – 100-500 USD. Members of affiliate programs, is applied to attract customers to the brokerage company greater efforts to obtain, respectively, a significant amount – from 1,000 and more per month.

Earnings consists of broker charges to the account of the Partner certain of the spread – the commission from client transactions. It is part of a commission broker is willing to share and depend on the Partner’s income. Today, many brokers offer their partners 25-50% of the spread.

What types of affiliate programs ( offer Forex brokers?

  • Agent – the simplest type of partnership is to attract beginners through personal contact with potential customers Partner.
  • IB-representative (web-representative) – the most popular and accessible form of cooperation. It is this kind of partnership is suitable for the majority of active Internet users.
  • Regional Representative – a more complex form of partnership, requiring a partner not only time but also costs money. This kind of cooperation provides for the opening of a branch of partner companies broker under its brand. Costs will be associated mainly with office and employees. The rest of the Forex broker provides the Partner free – trading platforms, information support, financial and promotional tools.
  • White Label. This kind of partnership is very similar to the Regional Office. The difference lies in the fact that the White Label Partner uses all of the Forex broker tools are not under its brand name and under his own.