4 Steps to Hiring a Web Developer


You’ve decided that you need the services of a web developer but don’t know where to begin. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. Hiring your first developer – whether freelance or through an agency – can seem like a daunting task, but with some helpful guidance, you will soon feel confident enough to manage your developer and oversee your project from start to finish.

In this article, we’re going to provide a few easy to follow pointers, in turn allowing you to gain the most out of your web development project.

  1. Decide on Your Required Skillset

It might be the case that you already know exactly what you need from your web developer. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are all valid programming languages, all with their own benefits. If you already know how these languages work and where they need to be applied, simply shortlist your candidates on this basis.

If on the other hand you’re a programming novice, it would be far better for you to draft a list of requirements and deliverables, allowing your developer to decide on the best toolset for the job.

  1. Conduct Interviews

It is imperative that you hold at least one telephone or video call based interview to get a better feel for the candidates that you have decided to shortlist. This process should give you an insight into how they tick as well as whether they will be a good fit for your project.

During this interview, you should be sure to ask them all the questions you would like answers to as well as how they intend to proceed with your project.

  1. Review Their Web Development Portfolio

Portfolios are a great way for potential freelancers and web agencies to showcase their ability. Reviewing these portfolios and taking a look through the projects that they have completed in the past is a great way to see first-hand the level of expertise your developer can bring to your project.

You can also take a little inspiration from the work showcased and ask whether any of the elements you like could be incorporated into your project.

  1. Trial Your Chosen Developer

Once you’ve decided on an agency or freelance web developer, it might be a good idea to present them with a small trial project first. This could be a project that is completely unrelated to the one that you need delivered or a small section of the project that you’re pursuing.

Such trials will often need to be offered on a paid basis but we find this process usually pays dividends in making sure that you hire a freelancer that is compatible with the way you work.

Freelance Web Developers and Agencies

The routes available to you are either to hire a freelance web developer or hire an agency. The latter will usually be more expensive but might provide you with some additional peace of mind. Web developers in Melbourne can be found online, either through freelancing platforms or by performing a web search. Once you have found someone suitable, it’s always a good idea to pre-vet them by reading through any user reviews that are present.

Following these tips should provide you with the most straightforward and enjoyable hiring process possible.